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WORDS OF MONJORONSON: Sustainability of the Individual

Monjoronson; Zarath; Eregon – Sustainability of the Individual

Northern Colorado TeaM, #92

Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Monjoronson, Zarath & Eregon


  1. Sustainability of the Individual
  2. Developing Potential
  3. The Individual's Affect on Civilization
  4. Individual Responsibility
  5. Be Willing to Take Risks
  6. Preparation for Procreation
  7. Social Well-being
  8. Feeling Safe & Building Trust
  9. Influence of Family
  10. Selecting Daycare
  11. Mentoring Grown Children
  12. Critical Times of Learning
  13. Assisting Children to Explore
  14. Mansion World Novices
  15. Rest & Leisure Time

Q & A:

  1. Autism
  2. Healing Lack of Trust
  3. Affect of Violent Games on Children

TRs: Daniel Raphael, Jerry Evans & MJ


ZARATH, (TR, Jerry): This is Zarath. (Group welcome.) Thank you! It is wonderful to be here with you again, and to welcome new members to this group and to see the joy that you have expressed in just being here, to be together with us and to hear what we might be able to offer to you. I am so fortunate, personally, to have been asked to participate in Monjoronson's efforts in this region. Being a younger teacher, I have had wonderful experiences, far beyond what I could have imagined in this process. I think I have expressed this before, but I have such an emotional feeling about it that I do not mind repeating it.

There is much to be brought to you and in that regard, I have been listening to some of the teachings that have been provided to us to use. These have expressed the love that we share and the love that is to be shared in each of our daily lives. Our Master, Michael, has indicated in some transmissions that you should acknowledge and understand that each of you is love. You are created by love itself, the Heavenly Father. You are an expression and in understanding that, and knowing that is the heart of you, you find your actions and reactions to the events of life are made with peace and love and joy and understanding and respect for those different from you, different by the Heavenly Father's design. The joy of the interaction with such diverse personalities, with such diverse capabilities and talents, to be appreciated—not to be looked on with disdain or dissatisfaction or judgment—but to be appreciated, there to learn how to interact with such diversity, to become a part of the Father's cosmic universe.

With this brief introduction, I will retire and leave the floor open for other teachers, as they may come forward. I leave you with my love.

MONJORONSON, (TR, Daniel): Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Welcome.) We will continue the lessons of sustainability. Today's lesson will center and emanate from the individual, from the era of preconception to conception, through the embryonic stage to birth and afterwards, until death.

I will continue to use the sand stylus as an illustration, though this time the illustration will be a bit different. This time the stylus itself, the pendulum, is the individual and the force of gravity is God. As the individual seeks God, they move in their life, making marks in their civilization by the decisions that they make and in the development of their own potential. So the swing of the stylus, the individual in their life impacts civilization and in the most intimate regions impacts themselves, their soul growth and their determination of their success as an evolving spiritual entity in their infinite life's course, until they reach Paradise and the embrace with the Creator.

These are the criteria for sustainability in the simplest, most stark terms: [a] It is the survival of the individual and the expansion and development of all potential within them to do so; and, [b], the decisions they make, which have an infinitesimal, but measurable and effective result upon their civilization and its sustainability. So you see, the infinite potential of the individual must be explored in a short, very brief lifetime, and it has an impact upon the very finite existence of civilization, which seems infinite to the mortal during their brief lifetime. Civilization seems to be an awesome entity, remote and removed from the individual and their decisions, but yet is finite. So it is a seeming paradox, an irony of sorts, that the finite individual with infinite potential, of infinitesimal power has, in the end, a great effect upon the finite existence of civilization. As the individual seeks God, they move to center, and when that pendulum stops in death, God remains at their center, drawing that individual ever more forward into the adventure of spiritual development in the infinite journey of life, past their former material existence.

Now, is this illustration of these two criterion reasonably visible to you? (Yes.) Does further explanation need to be given? Anyone?

Student: I got the first one, but what was the second one?

MONJORONSON: The first is the unfoldment, the development of the infinite potential of the individual during their very brief lifetime, and the second one is their effect upon the course of civilization, the sustainability of civilization. As the course of a life swings in its years, and as the individual seeks the center of God—the bottom of the pendulum stroke—they move their life in effective ways to effect civilization's course and the enfoldment of their infinite potential in this very brief lifetime. That will have an immense effect upon their infinite life's course in the spiritual realm, and the development of their civilization.

Never forget that the individual's decisions and how they live their life do effect your civilization. Yes, there are trends and commonalities among millions and billions of people that do affect a civilization's course, that it seems that everyone is involved but no one is responsible, but that is an untruth. You, individually, are responsible for the outcome of your civilization, as far as your life can affect it. You are not responsible for the grand outcome of all people upon the course of civilization, but only for your own lifetime. This is measurable. The Unions of Days know this and you will be made aware of this as well. This is not an ominous warning at all, but one to bring you astride of the course of your world, and the course of your life in its journey.

You can appraise this more accurately in the afterlife, with your guardian and with your advisors, to see how you are doing, how you are contributing to the fulfillment of the Grand Universe. This may seem awesome, a ponderous chore, but everything is recorded, everything is measurable, and you can always be informed about your status in the universe. During this lifetime, especially on this planet, it is a "guessing game" for you; you must go within, trust your relationship with the Father fragment, the Creator within you and "will to will God's will be done in your life" and know that it will be expressed as you let it. Be willing to risk the adventure of your life, similar as we discussed about risking to allow your children to explore the adventure of their lives, with guidance, provision for exploration, for the development of their erupting and evolving potential within them. So, too, you will parent and husband your own life, caring for it much as a shepherd cares for its flock of individual sheep.

Each of you here had a moment of conception, where two cells came together to form one whole cell. That moment of conception was known before it occurred. Your Thought Adjuster knew of this event. The records of your coming existence reflect that your material existence was known in Divinington before you came into existence. You were wanted, are wanted, and are needed. There is a place for you in the Grand Universe in the "mansions" that Jesus spoke about in God's Heaven—in simple terms. Some of you have been parents, procreative individuals who brought another into existence. Some conceptions occur spontaneously, and some with forethought, none-the-less, your existence was anticipated before conception.

We are pleased with the growing awareness of the living substance that exists in the bodies of parents-to-be, before conception occurs, that people prepare for this conceptive moment by cleansing their bodies, by eating well, not indulging in toxic substances so that their progeny come into existence cleanly, wholly, free of poisons, free of damage. You have enough damage and fragmentation in your genetic code as it exists, without contributing more to a child's difficulties as a living being.

And here again, we are talking about the sustainable individual as a biologic individual, a material individual. The substances that you ingest into your body beforehand, do affect the zygote, the embryo, fetus, child, infant, young-adult, the adult and then the procreative individual. The decisions that parents-to-be make ahead of time do effect the living course of the children, to be intellectually endowed, spiritually endowed, artistically endowed, ahead of time. This allows for the greatest potential of the individual to bloom and come to the fore, during their developmental years. So here in the continuous sustainability, we are speaking about parents-to-be. This union occurs when two cells begin the journey of biologic development, which will not be complete until the individual's 20s and 30s, time when there is preparation for begetting new children.

What we are praising is the forethought of procreative parents to consider the welfare of their children that will come into existence, to prepare this life for its fulfillment. And yes, shortly after conception occurs, more thought is given by the mother to consider her diet, the foods she eats and how these foods are prepared, the medications that she takes and the other substances that she may ingest into her body, for whatever is taken in by the mother is shared with the child. You know this, of course. Many of you are very aware of this and you take many precautions so that your child who comes into physical form unto its own, nine months later, is whole and well, healthy and mentally alert. All the potentials within their unfolding genetic code in the next few months and years, continues to enfold to allow the greatest potential.

You note, please, that I continue to speak of potential, for each of you has immense potential. Even now, you oldsters have great potential you have never explored. Even now, you can explore this and enfold it, develop it into magnificent states of existence and being and development of your talents, in mind, body and in your soul. This is ongoing. Therefore, we would hope even in later years, you would hold the excitement of enfoldment of what lies within you, rather than the complacent acceptance of your demise. Do not be willing my friends, to go down easily into the dust, but do so with an eagerness to explore who you are, until that time. For you have an evolving relationship with the Father fragment within you, the Creator of the universe—this is intimate; this never ends! Only you can develop that potential, and of course that is the greatest potential that lies within you, and it is within your grasp to do so.

But I get ahead of myself, for I find that so exciting. My mission is really quite simple: to aid each of you to unfold your potential. And I hope you, as eagerly, seek to unfold the potential of your children and your grandchildren, to do so peacefully, lovingly, consistently, and to be content and happy with the results that come from this individual, the child, without berating them, without hurting them, without chiding them for better results.

During the 9 months of gestation, there are many influences upon the child, this soul-in-the-making. You want to do everything you possibly can to assist in the full development of its ever growing potential. Here is an issue we have not discussed: The individual's potential that continues to develop and evolve—this is in your genetic code, this is in your whole being—if you allow the greatest development of your potential to unfold. Then your mortal lifetime becomes a lifetime of its expression —through the exploration of that potential and its development and fulfillment to fruition.

If you are a mother or have the close acquaintanceship of a mother, you realize there are many agencies that feed the rosette of influence upon the child-becoming, the individual-becoming. In this country and numerous other countries, there are agencies and associations to assist the child and mother in gaining greater knowledge of child rearing, whether during the time of gestation or afterward. This begins the association of outside influences—the mother is not alone. The father is not alone as a parent with the mother, for he has a wonderful influence upon this child who is coming into existence. Even outside of the mother, the father has a great influence upon this child, for there are hormonal reactions in the mother, and in the child simultaneously, that occur from the closeness of the father.

The base for the child's eventual emotional and social well-being is beginning to be formed, even during these nine months. Do not be reclusive when you carry your child, but be social, going about and being with other women, with those who are mature, those who are caring as well. Do not be afraid to go out into social areas unless it threatens your health or the health of the baby. Your timidity and shyness is transferable to your child, and this affects the child during its lifetime. You as growing, mortal beings, who have just begun your infinite life's journey, are social beings who will always be in association with others throughout the duration of your infinite existence—never alone. Aloneness is something that is not productive for your well-being. Yes, periods of solitude are productive, but aloneness is a different issue. Do you see that? (Yes.) Thank you.

We know too that many in this society and other societies, whether they are technologically advanced or otherwise, oftentimes have a wonderfully warm and supportive environment for the mother and the emergence of the child from the mother. These first few hours are very influential to the well-being of the whole lifetime of the individual. This is a time for care; this is a time for nurturing; this is a time for warmth and cuddling and holding, for in these early moments, these early hours and days and weeks, form the beginning of the fundamental emotion of trust–the feeling of being safe–or its absence. That will affect the individual throughout the duration of their life.

Trust is the foundation for the development of all other positive emotions; and trust is only formed when the individual is feeling safe. We have spoken of this before, and you will hear it many times again, in this lifetime and afterwards: you must feel safe in your universe; you must feel safe in your life; you must feel safe in your home, on the street, in your social relationships and in your family. For if you do not feel safe within your family, within that bond that is necessary for you to fully develop into a spiritual, social being, then the rest of your life will be fraught with difficulties. Feeling safe is essential to developing trust.

We have noted that some fathers like to throw their infant child into the air and catch them again. We seriously advise against this, until the child is fully aware that this is play-making, that they are not ready for this type of activity until they fully feel safe, for if you do this too early, you have made them feel unsafe, and what does that do? They are always testing their environment to see if they are safe with bigger people. Their fear uses up a tremendous amount of their psychic, emotional and personal energy in focusing on their environment to see if they are going to be safe. This starts very early. It is measurable to us to see the difference between individuals who have been raised safely, to feel safe at all times, and those who have not. Those who feel unsafe withdraw from their environment to feel safe within themselves.

I am sharing this because it is directly related to sustainability, which as a social activity can only exist when people feel safe in their environment and trust that they will be sustained. Do you see that the belief of being sustained begins in this very, very, narrow time of the child's existence? It is very important for you to grasp this connection! We cannot express this enough, or strongly enough.

Let me go further with this so you see this clearly; I do not want you to miss its importance. To feel safe, when the individual withdraws within themselves, they make their universe smaller. Explorers are those who feel courageous, who feel safe to do so. They begin to explore their universe, their world, and in doing so, they are exploring their own potential. The simple task of stacking three blocks upon each other is a simultaneous exploration in the child and its potential, and its environment. Pushing marbles and pushing a chair, or a wagon is an exploration of their potential, to begin to feel powerful, to begin to have an affect upon their environment.

If you are withdrawn into yourself, needing to feel safe, then you cannot explore your potential, you cannot explore your environment. By exploring the external environment, you explore your internal environment and that is where your potential lies. Those who have felt timid oftentimes develop their potentials in close areas—they become artists, musicians, writers, they become toy makers, they work with their hands, they work in close environments. It takes tremendous courage to feel safe to become a frontiers person, to go out into the wilderness by yourself for months on end, and come back safe, based upon your own wits; this is not done by timid people. And so, the belief and knowing that you are sustained is one issue; the exploration of all your potential is another and they are totally united; they are totally "one" with each other.

Within the first few hours, days and weeks of life, it is the necessity to support this small package, this small human being, this little bundle of spiritual potential. We have a very tender feeling about these small creatures, babies. Guardians are ever near to care for them, watch for them. There is little intervention directly into their welfare, but the watch-care for overseeing the nurturing of your children is immense by your guardians and the guardians of children. There is a cadre, a corps of angels who do nothing but care for children, small children, babies, and infants. They are an influence upon the mothers and the children around them, and fathers, and strangers and those who visit. The household is a sacred space for raising children. This is why family is so important. Mothers who raise children alone, we encourage them to have opposites of some sort, come to visit—outsiders come to visit. It matters not much whether it is men or women who visit, but those who can care for the child, apart from the mother, so that there is an acceptance of being around known individuals—not strangers, but those who become known. This is how the widening circle of the rosette of individuals becomes wider and wider, as the pendulum of their lives swings in ever widening circles.

It is not odd that the rosette that individuals make becomes bigger in their life, as they explore more of their potential, and as they become more God-centered. The gravity of God filters through the whole universe; it is ever present; it exists—the gravity of light is centered upon the Creator in Paradise. You swing into that with your decisions to become God-centered; you swing into that when you will to do God's will; you swing into that when you make decisions and take actions that fulfill God's will in your life. No wonder so many people are apart from God: For many, God is a fearful individual, for they do not feel safe in their environment. They do not feel safe with their parents, they do not feel safe with fathers, they do not feel safe with males when they have the identification that God is a man. Let us break this old mold and know that God is within you — to know God from within, not from without. The beginning of the exploration of your great potential begins with an immensely intimate familial relationship with God the Creator, that fragment that lies within you. Then you have the assurance that you are loved, you are cared for, and that you have a course of life that is worthy, you will know that you have purpose in your life and you can give it meaning by your decisions to fulfill that purpose.

So, you send your children to daycare: Who cares for your children there and what is their life like? Is it just idle time to fill hours of these little hands as they play and relate to others, or is there a positive contribution, a continuity of your own family existence when the child is there with you? We know that diligent careful, loving, potential-unfolding, watch-care for your children may be hard to find, but we urge you as parents, we urge you as caregivers for your children, that you must do this, you must diligently search for this, and if you have none, then pray for it to come into existence for you. You are living with a huge potential – these are not just little beings to make you happy – these are God's children becoming something in their own right, something that you will never know, after you pass. You never know what they will become after you leave.

In these talks about sustainability in the individual, it is all about the exploration of the potential, for when the potential of the individual is explored and developed, society and civilization thrives, survives, and is sustained. There is an intimate, ongoing relationship between the sustainability of the individual and the exploration of their potential, and the sustainability of civilization. Do not try to get around that! These are affects, which are weighty; having children is immensely responsible. Yes, the course of that individual is their own, once they reach an age of independence, where they become responsible for their decisions, but your responsibility continues even when they are quite old, so that they make decisions with awareness.

If you are ignorant of the effects of decisions, then you must wizen yourself and gain wisdom, either through experience, through some vicarious experience or through the collection of wisdom from others. Do not be afraid to share this with your children, even when they are thirty! If they are stepping into an arena where they have ignorance about the decisions they are making, the actions they will take, you have a responsibility as a parent, as their friend, as their mentor in adulthood, to make them aware of all facts. Even if it is as timid as to say, "I know you are going to make a very serious decision about this topic in the near future. Do you have any questions about that? I have been looking into this as I knew nothing about it myself, and I would be glad to advise you or assist you in exploring this, if you wish. I am open to that." That is the very least, my friends. When that child is thirty years old, you are not going to tell them what to do! At least we hope that they will never listen to you. (Laughter.) We hope they would listen and take your proclamation into advisement. Be objective about what you think they should know.

If you see the parenting that you are receiving here, you also see that your watch-care does not end. "We" are responsible to provide the assistance you need to become knowledgeable about your life, about your decisions. This rosette of life, this pendulum of life is knitted all together; we are part of that rosette of your life; you are part of the rosette of the universe as it develops. We are all together in this. The actions may be yours, as it has been said, but the consequences are God's. We are here on behalf of Christ Michael, the God of this local universe, Creator of this local universe, and he too is a part of the rosette of the Grand Universe and the Father of all.

It is time to enlighten your world, to make it aware, so that you are aware of the decisions you make have consequence upon your soul's course. That is a basic message of Christianity that Christ Michael brought through in his life as Jesus: your decisions in this lifetime have an affect on your infinite career. We are here to tell you that your decisions have a wider effect upon all of civilization, all of human kind—and the course of this Grand Universe and the coming into existence of God the Supreme. All it requires is diligent thought, day-after-day. Do not be forgetful, but remember, we are all connected.

Let us return to our discussion of the developing individual. There are eras in the life of each individual when he or she is most receptive to learning influences. There is the time of languages when a child can learn many languages simultaneously, and having done so, if they practice from time-to-time during their childhood, adolescence and adulthood, will become multi-lingual. There is the era of mathematics, social skills, and music, for example. It is time for procreative parents-to-be and grandparents to be aware of these eras. These eras are known to your scientists and educators, and to your child developmental psychologists. We urge you to assist in providing appropriate resources to these children during these eras, so that they are not passed by and forgotten, having this blank spot in their repertoire of skills.

These developmental eras occur during the lifetime of the individual for many years until late in mid-life. There are no times when you are totally absent of these developmental eras, for you are an evolving individual even in later years. It is your willingness, your mindfulness to explore them that makes them more apparent. Desire to call them into existence, then will to—and then take action to do so. It is never too late to become a linguist; it is never too late to become a mathematician, a musician, or an artist of some sort. It just takes more effort to tap into those reserves that are unexplored in you.

Your responsibility as a parent during this era is large and weighty because you are most influential in the child's life. We urge you to assist your child in exploring various activities of play, social life, the arts, mechanical skills, and languages, and so on. Urge your children to mingle among others, so that their social skills are developed. Urge them to go out and mingle. To be shy is an affliction—it is not a disease, but simply an affliction that can cause an individual great turmoil in adulthood, and withhold them from the pleasures of good social association, of even finding a mate. It takes a great deal of courage to overcome shyness, to become social and enjoy it.

This is one of the greatest modeling skills that you can give your own children, your grandchildren, is to have your children tag along with you as you socialize, and to have your friends recognize that your child is an adult-in-the-making, to be appreciated, even in their diminutive size, rather than being dismissed. So many of you were dismissed in childhood as being insignificant and not meaningful, to be seen and not heard, never to have an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. In the beginning, it is playfulness and young children will say strange things, but a negative reaction from others makes that exploration an activity of pain and social withdrawal.

It takes a great deal of maturity on everyone's part to associate with infants, children, teenagers, and young adults in a meaningful way. It takes courage to step up to them and be friendly with them—to be more than friendly—to be helpful and to show your affection and appreciation for their existence. At no time do we advise anyone to be condescending to children, nor to be over-bearing, but to be tolerant and directive if necessary — loving and supportive, advising them ahead of time in social situations so that they feel comfortable.

Each of you will be in the mansion worlds before long, and there will be a team there waiting for you, to introduce you to everyone there, to explain what is happening, how you feel, and why you feel the way you do, and what your thoughts are at the moment, and that you are acquainted with these people. You will know them; they will know you. They will guide you in this early era of your association, when you come together in your full-being, in this being in which you will live until the next era of consciousness when you traverse from the spiritual realm to eternity. This will occur through eons of time, and everywhere along the way there are always helpful people to make you feel at home, to make you feel comfortable, to assist you in feeling that you are one of them.

Even as a novice, you will always be greeted with respect; there will always be friendly affection for you; you will never be a stranger. Though you will be recognized as a novice by the simple spectra of colors your "wear," you will be appreciated and respected for where you are. The burden of social associations that you had as a mortal will continue, so those natures are something that you will need to extinguish, and surely, we will do everything we can in your afterlife to assist you to explore your potential, and of course this means in association with others.

This era of young adulthood is a magnificent time. It is a most confusing time for everyone—parents, grandparents, for the child themselves, for their associates—for it is an unusual time of awakening, where this pre-pubescent body comes into the pubescent era and then early adulthood. It is a most disconcerting time for everyone. Prepare these prepubescent children ahead of time for this era. There need be no mystery to this era for them or for you. Prepare to be aware ahead of time. Take them out socially in association and assist them to develop their social skills to help them avoid confusing social situations.

The presence of absentee parents and latchkey children in a society is most unfortunate, but we know it exists. Even within those constraints, you can make major contributions to the evolvement of these children to become fully social and spiritually emerging individuals. This is an exciting time; this is a time of awakening within them. They have grand thoughts; they have idealistic thoughts; they have thoughts of adventure, of challenging that which exists around them, of challenging authority, of challenging themselves, of challenging you. This is a time to help them develop constructive goals and to understand those that are unproductive and why they are productive—but the choice is the child's, none-the-less. Always advise them of potential outcomes of their decisions, whatever decisions they make, and they will invite you into assisting them to become participants in their journey. The sustainability of an individual is so ripe in this era, for this is the time of great exploration and wild ideas. It is a time for them to explore how they can sustain themselves in the future, and this is best done by exploring the potential that is ripe within them.

The potential within them that helps them become who they will become, both as a social individual and as an aspiring soul, a part of the economy of life, a part of your literal monetary economy. If you withhold a child from exploring their musical talents, then the great, popular, successful musician and artist that they could become is denied them. This is an error of omission, rather than commission. We ask you to commit yourself to helping this child explore their world, and the world of potentials within themselves.

You never know the potential that can be expressed in an individual, if it is never explored and challenged. What greatness lies within each of you that has never been explored and developed? Some of you have potentials that are amazing — we are most certainly aware of them. We do not share this with you individually because you would see this as a disappointment, another thing that would help you withdraw. We do not want you to withdraw from life; we want you to explore it. Get out and explore life, challenge yourself.

As procreative parents, parents, and grandparents, it is your chore, your duty— one that you have accepted, one that you have said you I will do, simply by the fact that you became a parent—to assist your children and grandchildren to explore their potential. Only then, can you help them become sustainable in their lifetime. What does it take to become a sustainable individual? Some of you scrabble around in life with great difficulty. You have so much potential you have not explored. Many of you feel uncomfortable to do so—that is your decision—we urge you to, though. Explore your potential! Assist your children exploring their potential. Life does not have to be a mean and difficult experience when your potentials have been explored and developed.

Now let us take this pendulum and let it swing wide, for it is in the expression of your individual lives that your civilizations will live or die. First, you cannot make a meaningful contribution to your civilization if you are not aware that you do—consciously, that is. Many people contribute to their civilization by the good decisions that they make. They know that they are responsible for the decisions and that their decisions have an effect on others. Some even intuit that their lives have an affect upon civilization, but few realize and understand that their decisions affect when your world enters into the era of the days of light and life. A world coming into the days of light and life is not done by happenstance, my friends. The over-care of your world is immense so that it, too, comes into the era of the days of light and life! On those planets that have a normal progression of development, this plan is done diligently, carefully, faithfully, by the spiritual guardians of that planet who are responsible. Individuals are taught how to live a life that sustains their existence—but more importantly, that it grows. It is not sufficient to simply sustain your life, but it must grow in order that your civilizations be sustained and evolve.

Your world has had a tumultuous existence. Until very recently, it lacked the day-to-day and millennium-to-millennium over-care management along with the cluster of worlds to which your world belongs. Now, the Correcting Time is in place to assist your world, and you individually, to do that. And I am here with you urging you to make responsible decisions that contribute to your life, your children's lives, as well as your family, community, nation, civilization, and your world.

This rosette of life connects the individual with their own children, their parents, grandparents, community, and all the agencies outside that assist you, whether it is schools, churches, a neighbor family, community, the library. How do all of these factors of life assist in sustaining the individual? Is to make decisions and take actions that contribute to sustaining your life and your children, in your world. That is it! Conscious living: living in the now, with an appreciation for using it as an individual and for your world.

I will give you a very brief example, which hits home to you right now: Will you go out and buy an $80,000 SUV that gets 12 miles to the gallon, or will you buy an equally capable car that gets 50 miles to the gallon and costs $25,000? We want you to ponder that; I am not going to give you the answer to that today. (Laughter. A bit obvious!) We hope it is obvious! Does this help sustain you as an individual? How does it detract? Which decisions help sustain you better? It is not a "good or bad" decision; it is which contributes more meaningfully to your existence, to your sustainability, and to your world. These issues are all related.

We have seen so many of you who are sad—deeply sad. Your philosophers would say you are existentially sad. You live life going to work, coming home, spending money, surviving. You are not sustaining yourself; you are simply surviving, until you die. This is very sad; you have lost purpose; you have lost the way of discovering meaning in your life. Some of you work long hours and come home bone tired; you eat dinner and go to bed and tomorrow you wake up and do the same thing. Life is brutish when it is that way; life is short and mean, as some of your writers have said, and truly it is. There must be time for leisure. There must be time for rest, for there is no spiritual growth or development without rest or leisure. You need not feel guilty about taking time for rest or leisure, to walk down to the park and sit and watch the leaves fall off the tree, or in springtime to watch day-by-day and see the daffodils and the crocus come up through the ground and come into flower, and you take joy in that. When there is opportunity, we do urge you to refresh yourself, to take time apart, to be with yourself, for only when you are in that state can you then go within and be with the essence of God within you, and to wonder and to explore your spiritual potential. Those are issues that sustain you, as a soul. You must make decisions as adults that are as meaningful as those, which you contribute to the lives of your children and grandchildren. Your guardian can urge you; your Mystery Monitor, the Father fragment within you, can urge you, but you must grasp that urging and make a decision and take some action.

Those of you who are slothful, those of you who live unproductive lives, lives without work, without meaning, without purpose—this is as detrimental to your soul growth as those who work too hard, those who are absent from life due to the obligations of life, the obligations of living. We urge you never to retire from life, never to take a respite from your growth, your relationship with the Father within. Never take a hiatus from the journey, the path of your spiritual growth in life. Know that it is intimate, available to you at all times. We urge you to continue to be an active part in the rosette of life with others, to be contributing members of your society and your families, your children and grandchildren—and your neighbors' children and grandchildren. Do not be afraid to be friendly to those who live next door.

We look forward to the next session when we explore the other ends of this pendulum stroke. If there are questions, we invite you to ask them, and after the questions and if there are other teachers who wish to come forward, we surely do invite them to come forward with their news and sharing.

Student: Monjoronson, we seem to have quite a few children these days that are diagnosed as autistic. Is that strictly from children being raised so that they don't feel safe? Or are there other causes of this?

MONJORONSON: There are two major contributing factors, one is environmental—there are autistic children who come into existence due to environmental conditions, and there are children who are autistic due to genetic predisposition. [This is Daniel: He has more to say about this, but this answers your question.]

Student: We see with people who have been raised in far less than ideal conditions and perhaps have a great deal of difficulty in feeling trust. How can they be assisted, or healed in a sense—I trust that just doesn't have to wait until they reach the mansion world, but in this world, we see people in some systems who are disturbed for one reason or another. Are there ways, even with our limited understanding that we can help them compensate for what they didn't receive in those very early years?

MONJORONSON: The short answer is "no." The extended answer is that yes, there is differences that can be made by those around them, but especially by the individuals to none-the-less forge ahead, which is very courageous on their part. The deficits of childhood in genetic predispositions are rarely overcome. Many go forward into adulthood with enormous handicaps, physical, mental, emotional, and social. Yet, I say none-the-less, many of these highly damaged individuals have gone forward to be what you would term successful, accomplished individuals. They have made decisions, which have affected the course of their lives. Where you come in as an individual, outside of them, is to be friendly, be present with them, be helpful and contributory to their best decisions, be good mentors and advisors, be willing to support them in one way or another in their decisions. Let us say that you are able to be in this arena of confidence, of this individual. We would hope that you would assist this individual in exploring their experiences of life, to see if they have been at this juncture before and what they have experienced and what they have learned, and to assist them to reinterpret their experiences in positive ways, which contribute personally to their wisdom base.

Now, this may seem like a large chore for one individual, but we wish you to know that you have an immense influence on individuals, if only briefly. If you are in a social or employment/work situation and you hear that someone has made a decision to go back to school, or is challenging a competency test for promotion, stop by and look them in the eye and pat them on the back or shoulder and touch them and say, "Good going! I respect what you are doing. This is admirable—you will make a difference to your life and your family by doing this." Many of you have forgotten your own childhood, adolescence, the immense influence of passing words have made upon your life by meaningful individuals, whether they are related or otherwise. Do not forget that you have an immense influence upon others, if ever so briefly. Sometimes this influence lasts all their lifetime—and you will never know it. We are here to advise you that should you slap this person on the back and say, "You stupid fool," they would remember that for a lifetime as well.

Student: Monjoronson, most of what you have just responded to, a child that has suffered lack of trust, how should we address or coach or help a child that is incredibly violent from the music they listen to or the movies that they watch, where they think it is just okay to shoot and kill or maim another human being, and that's fine, as part of their daily life, or a gang that they belong to, and just this exposure to such a violent world that it has just become acceptable?

MONJORONSON: If you are intimate to their influence, then you have a responsibility to make them aware that repeated thought patterns will have a lifetime effect, that it will affect their social relationships, the anxieties that they have in social situations, that even in a flash of a moment may seem familiar or similar to a game they have experienced on a video monitor. If you do not have access to that intimate arena of influence to them, then you are responsible to make known to their parent or those who are influential, to them. It would serve almost no purpose that would contribute to their welfare, to go into a video arcade where games are being played by individuals and become the proselyte of light and righteous living and right thinking, to this group of people, but do so lovingly to those you have an influence with, whether parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles, or to children themselves if they give you access.

Your society will see an immense blooming of violence from these individuals, a great blooming in percentages and numbers of individuals, who will have tremendous anxieties, even neuroses, concerning many issues that originate from the video games that they play, which they have allowed to become part of their thinking, to have allowed to become their thinking. Your question is very well taken and we urge each of you to lovingly provide the influence that you can, as it is able to be received and accepted. This requires you as well to explore and find whether that would be accepted. (Thank you.)

Student: It would seem, Monjoronson, even as a society, we might discourage this type of availability.

MONJORONSON: Here, an irony comes into play: That these games, while being highly detrimental to the individual, who over-stimulates their psyche with these games and the neurotic, destructive, psychotic, murderous schemes, which are endemic in these games, none-the-less, on a larger scale at this time—and I advise "at this time"—it does bleed off the hormonal aggressions of many of your population. The male dominant aggressive influence in your society is still highly active and is very present in your older male generations, who govern your nation and the nations of the world. Though the individual may suffer, ironically your society will take into account almost immeasurably, the decrease in larger violence. This will be explored by your scientists in the near future in decades to come, as it becomes more evident that there has been a definite demographic change in the way individuals interact with their environment, their hostilities, their reactions to others. Yet, in a small percentage, you will see the acting out in real life of the violence against others by individuals who take on a persona of the villains and heroes in these games. Their lives are in forfeit.

Student: At what stage is personality bestowed?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is bestowed. How may the answer to this question affect you and influence you to live your life sustainably?

Student: My Urantia study group was discussing this and we were trying to figure out how the Urantia Book's definition of personality fits in with the way we live our lives.

MONJORONSON: This is really not germane to our discussion today, as it is to make a conscious life, to live consciously, to make decisions for your own life and to influence positively those who come in contact with you and come in to your life. I appreciate your curiosity question, but it would not be of much benefit to answer it today.

Are there other questions I can respond to? (Pause.) Are there other teachers who wish to come forward?

EREGON, (TR, MJ): Good afternoon, I am Eregon. I am very happy to be here today. (Welcome.) It has been some time. I would offer a brief lesson on acting as somewhat of a "book end" of this meeting today, with associate seraph. I wish to reprise a lesson given recently concerning the universe and the friendliness of the universe. You know in your text that the universe is indeed a friendly place to each and every one of you, and all ascending mortals of this and other planets. We wish you to take this truth to heart, considering the lesson you have received today of your importance in the lives of budding children, adolescents and young adults, and even your grown children.

It is important for you to believe that the universe is indeed a friendly place and a place of progress and safety, as you have been told. Safety is very important to children, and it is vitally important that you telegraph the idea of safety, that you yourself feel safe in the Father's universe, and that it is okay for them also to take this cue from you and incorporate it into their young lives. Imagine, if you would, for a moment how this may have positively impacted your own lives, had it been instilled in you at an early age.

This is simply a brief reminder to all of you: Your Master, when he walked this planet himself, declared he was absolutely convinced that the universe was friendly, and yet we know his life was not ended in a friendly way. He was not befriended by all, and yet, he held within himself a consciousness of safety in the Father's love and the Father's will. And so, I ask you—we ask you—to try and do likewise, for it is as true for you as it was for the Master when he lived here, and it will immeasurably assist your loved ones in their journey. It has been very lovely to be here, visiting this meeting today. I am very grateful and I thank you for your attention, and now I bid you adieu. (Thank you.)


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