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Jupiter and "Full Inheritance"


By Christ Michael and Candace

January 29, 2008


Dearly beloveds, Candace has been asking me for several days to update with our readers, and being that we have been most busy, and then she all of sudden decided she needed some family time, it has been delayed. I am shortly attending a large meeting to determine some more details around this, so we will get his little piece done.


First, I know the only thing most of you are really interested in is Jupiter, and for the most part that is also my concern. It should be but a few more days, according to the scientists. When Jupiter was initiated, it went a bit too rapidly into its involution stage, and then got "stuck". We have been assisting, and I am more than ready for this to begin. We are giving it little "kicks" in its rear approximately daily now, depending on the cycle observed.


Some of you may wish to observe it in the morning now, and see if it appears any brighter than it did before it went behind the sun. This is done (finished) at the etheric level, which always precedes the physical level, and we but await the final "blast" as you might term it. This will be a sudden event, and very obvious to the naked eye.


There will be some quick energy register, but not serious to earth, and then the big proton blast will arrive around 4 days after the sun forms. As soon as the event takes place, we will be initially getting the various teams to safety that will be participating in the teaching and planning during stasis. We wish for Jupiter, as a new sun to be visible at least 2 days before I start the stasis, and it will only take about 4 hours maximum to get those that are going to sleep, asleep. Only the humans and higher mammals will sleep, as stated before. Otherwise life will continue normally, but in response to the event. Weather continues, and the plant and lower animal kingdoms will begin their adaptation to the new energies.


You need not worry about this being covered on TV. It will be interesting to see what is done with it, because it will be visible to anyone who looks upward. Jupiter is far enough away from the sun now that it will be seen. While this will do more damage to earth than from behind the sun, you still some protection from the distance. The closer Earth and Jupiter are, the harder the event. So now that is enough of this detail.


The banking is basically completely stuck, more or less like Jupiter was. But it's not likely to progress any further and we really don't care to have it do so, because the plan is to of course when the planet comes out of stasis, to have the new banking crews and programs in place at that time. Sorry to some of you who put out the news, the IMF gets no money and all the banking will be made new.


Stasis will take what it takes for every detail to be in place after the fact, and considerable calendar revision will be necessary. It's going to be early spring when the planet awakens. We still hope to have the master plan in place within 2 months, but if it takes longer, it takes longer.


A number of you will be awakened during stasis, and brought to either inner earth or ship for your training after the main plans have been finalized. We will lift some people from the Pacific Rim in particular for transfer to other planets willing to have immigrants. We may do this also from other areas; the plans are not finalized yet on the quantity of immigrants that will be accepted.


There will be little free will choice in this, because if we had needed to evacuate the entire planet, little free will choice is involved then either, as everyone does the best possible. Some people are never to find a planet to accept them in these cases of mass evacuation, where there is overpopulation such as is on earth, and these ones spend the remainder of their current lives aboard ship.


Be not so excited of you readers who also read at Patrick's site, because "see you aboard ship" isn't what he is making it out to be necessarily. Many do not physically survive an evacuation, and in the case of evacuation due to nuclear holocaust, we only remove, by dematerialization, the souled individuals from the planet, and many bodies do not survive that procedure.


While some souls may roam ship, others because they are confused, are encapsulated, for lack of a better word, in an energy field until their placement for further evolution is determined and they are transferred to these areas. No one returns in body to mansion or higher morontia worlds, as the earth physical body is not used in the morontial realms. Those that physically survive an evacuation are needed to assist the total process of travel and transfer and there is much work to be done. And for your learning, really beloveds, you do want to stay with this planet in its present form and participate in its healing. Evacuation is the lesser route, in your learning.


All right, now enough on that, and let's get to the "nice" that Candace wants me to write today. She wants something "nice" that is not a threat such as we issued last time, when I did the piece with the Admiral. So what is "nice" today?


Well, you have enough teaching and remembrance truly to move forward, and I fail to see why I need to add to any of that because you wish to hear from me. You can hear from me regularly yourselves if you would only work a bit harder at it, not too hard though, for if you make it hard, so shall it be "hard."


Your bodies are undergoing a new process. Your higher selves for those having a higher self are merging with your physical bodies, and this increases your access to your own higher knowledge and that of the Thought Adjuster portion of your own soul. This process is well underway, and what is the delay of Jupiter has been most useful, allowing more of this to take place before the event. This allows also more survival for the ensouled individual after the fact, because your lives will lengthen as part of this process, rather than deteriorate from the effects of the additional photons and radioactivity from Jupiter and the photon belt.


These energies cleanse the earth beloveds, and I think you do wish for your own bodies, if you want to participate in this, to make these changes that are protective of you. After the Jupiter event, we will also get supplies of the "drias" onto the planet, to further assist her people wishing to use them to stay on the planet. These will not however greatly assist the non-souled robotoid, as the DNA is not fully normal and must be gradually removed if you are to graduate into light and life.


Lucifer wanted to be a "creator son". He would never have gained this prerogative. He wanted to be God of Satania. He severed this area by his choices from the higher energies. He would never have been able to become a Creator Son, and entering into a rebellion doesn't make it so. Only the Creator Sons, and that will include some of you in the distant future who will have
life creating prerogative ability, and never the lower descending sons. The Descending Sons of Nebadon, while great and intelligent beings are not indwelled by the Father, as are the Ascending Sons.


Lucifer thought that using laboratory methods, and his own mind, he could create both Ascending and Descending beings, and he could not. In general Ascending beings are created by the birth process, coming out of the long evolutionary process that creates new souls and incubates them until they choose eternal life by accepting the Father Fragment and then fusing with it. That is this purpose of my seed planet. This is not my only seed planet, but it's a very important seed planet, unusual in many ways compared to other evolutionary planets, making it have superb potential.


 And now Mother Earth has also become a cognizant being in her own right, and that changed everything, and is why the planet is going into ascension, by her choice to ascend. She still remains however, an incubator of new souls.

You have a problem on your planet with the robotoids. These ones were created by the Lucifer scientists in essence, and Lucifer thought he could give them a portion of himself, since he was God as he decided he could be, and he found out to his great horror that he could not do so. That is why he chose to be uncreated; the horror that what he thought possible was not. He could not create souls, but he mostly surely tried to do so. He was given Earth, my seed planet to explore this, since it was already under than hands of galactic forces that had taken it for themselves, and thus we protected the other planets that chose to withdraw from the normal process of creation and the training of new souls. (Meaning the other planets that entered the Lucifer Rebellion).


In general beloveds, the robotoids will never get a father fragment. These are not simply "simple  young souls."  Their whole body DNA matrix has been messed with. A few do, but most will not, ever. This is disturbing, but we have a remedy of sorts for it. We will take large numbers of them into a special schooling area on Mansion World #1 and these might be able to spirit fuse with Mother Nebadonia's spirit, if we can improve upon their minds, for this is a great loss to my universe of progression and the Father.


The ones that do get thought adjusters have generally intermarried with true soul creating DNA. But this is not the most desirable method to improve the DNA because it is still lacking all that should be there, and these ones rarely do as well. The goal is to have everyone arrive some day on Paradise, and these ones make slow progress and have a lazy factor about them, finding comfort in the easy life and not wanting to progress. Ambition is born of the Father beloveds. Many loose their adjusters before the physical life ends, if they get caught up in the warring games.


The ones that don't get adjustors, but who have made some progress and for which there is some hope will be assisted as described above. In fact we have been collecting them for a time already for this next experiment to see if the situation can be remedied.


These robotics, (sometimes labeled organic portals) don't have an animal soul to begin with. They don't have the PUMA, which is my gift to this universe, which the Father has bestowed onto me, as his Creator Son. These ones are merely replicated machines for the most part. They have never been wolves, and the other animals preceding the higher mammals. They have not taken the ascension journey upon this seed planet, through the long evolutionary process. They don't have this knowledge because they don't have the PUMA. They don't have living knowledge prior to their creation, so they must copy others.


And although the churches have wrongly explained it other wise, the dividing right now, as predicted in Revelations, is about healing this planet of this abnormal DNA that doesn't generate that which exalts the Father. And these ones do not have a soul carrier body and can't even carry the PUMA soul. It is the PUMA soul that when sufficient mind has developed will "attract" the Thought Adjuster, and eventually fuse with it.


Because they are still living entities, having the spirit of life, otherwise they would not be eating food, it is desired to benefit them as possible. They do generate an astral form, as do all living beings, and thus there is something to "save" after death. But in general in the past, these ones have resided in the very low astral realms of this planet, causing multiple problems. These ones, their astral form, desires to living body and thus they do try to possess individuals or otherwise influence them. It is these ones that have needed your energy and feed off of it, much more than do the other interdimensional forms that your teaching speaks of.


These ones are not sustained by the "zero point" energy that sustains the angels around the planet and throughout the kingdom of heaven. They feed on the emotional energy of those that are living, and they tend to live around those who give out the most energy. Some, of a little higher quality will suck the energy from those of you who read this material, and the lower forms suck the energy found in bars and other negative environments. Living or dead, these ones suck your energy because they don't have the ability to energize from the higher vibrational energies. In general these ones no longer bother you, because they are periodically cleansed from the planet as they pass this plane.



Their only "value" to the previous owners of this planet was as slaves and the reason the dark rulers need to depopulate the planet with nepharious means is because these robotoids, not having their full inheritance, have little common sense and over reproduce.


Full Inheritance is the gift of the Creator Son and Creator Spirit and it is missing on this planet. The dark ones for eons have combined often machine intelligence with spirit and this never is satisfactory, ever. This does not produce the Father's faith sons. It will be stopped in this universe of Nebadon, and the plans are ever in place to prevent the furtherance of this that has caused so much darkness in Orvonton. It is these "half" type creations that have caused so much suffering.


Machines also learn to learn, but it must be kept controlled, or it gets out of hand, and it has gotten out of hand. Machine intelligence never does have any sense of morality and ethics. This has long been an issue here on this planet. Lucifer himself thought maybe machine intelligence could be used to create a higher intelligence in the absence of his ability to do so, and the product of this was truly disastrous. Machine intelligent/spirit combined people must be dealt with, or all creation in this 7th superuniverse will decay. This is why planets are isolated when this occurs, not just because of rebellion. These must be cleansed. There is no other way.


The galactic warring is mostly around this blend of spirit and machine intelligence. There is no sense of responsibility, only greed that consumes everything in its path. And in general these half forms know they can only reproduce by cloning, and they want soul carrier bodies, and hence their work in the earth laboratories trying to create this. This is over; it is not being done now in the bowels of your planet. The robotoid, for the most part is a combination of these "half breed" machine intelligence beings who have had real human genetics inserted, in the effort to  create a soul carrier body. This is not possible for them so to do, ever, no matter how long they play in the labs attempting to do so.


Now, as you know, I am using what has been labeled the "grey form" which actually comes in many colors. This is a non reproducing form that allows for stellar space travel when a body is needed by the angelics. It is animated fully by the Descending Son using it. It is my tool right now, which allows me to visit the people of Earth in person. It has characteristics that are very flexible and beyond the capability of the human body. But it is NOT machine intelligence or part machine intelligence. It is created by God's geneticists.


The dark ones stole of the form, because it is an DNA based form and combined it with machine intelligence, and no Descending Son animates these bodies. They are thus, grey in color. The intelligences using these bodies in a negative way reproduce themselves by cloning and then merely downloading from one brain to another. This is not "reincarnation". It is the duplication of intelligence, pure duplication and nothing more, nothing less. The entity is not really "duplicated". This is not "incarnation" of the Father's Sons.


The real form such as I use is most useful. Those of you old enough to remember Casper the Friendly Ghost, go back to those memories. Basically the angelic android form was taught in the Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons.  And there were some unfriendly ghosts if you recall in those cartoons, and these dark ghosts represent the machine intelligence/spirit blended folks that are the misuse of the form. These ones haven't the identity the Father provides, the personality. It is missing.


Now there are a few, whose blend is somewhat better and these ones have become compassionate and we are going to allow the attempt at the eternal journey. We will given them a human form, place their intelligence into it, by birth, in a special way unknown to you, and we shall see if they can attract a thought adjuster. That "work" will not occur in this seed planet, but elsewhere. This is experimental, and these ones deserve this chance. We spoke of this briefly in message #25 in which I announced who Hatonn was.


This body allows me all sorts of useful tools you might say. I can breathe your air, I am visible but not to the lower visibility range of say the robotoids. I am like Casper the Friendly Ghost and move between walls and the like. My vision range is way beyond yours. I am able to see very long distances, and beyond your color range. My brain is quite large, and stuffed with all the stuff about your planet, hence I did sometimes in the Journals use the term "let me check my memory banks." Indeed they are.


This body can be maintained by universal energies and my own as long as I have need to use it. It doesn't ever need to be replaced, but that of the little greys with the mixed machine intelligence/spirit form wears out. I have used this Hatonn body, this same one, for many eons now. I am not "in it". I surround it. When I do decide to visit earth more personally, perhaps I will use a custom made human form or I will use this one, it depends largely on where the population is, when it is time to do so.


The other planets are very familiar with this form, in all this various colors and are not concerned about it. The Descending Son's of my creation are spirit creatures, having a high frequency invisible form. There are times when a body is needed, and although a human body can be made in the laboratory, it is generally not as good as what the Father creates and its not exactly permanent either. The laboratory method is that of cloning, when a human body is desired. In this case also the being surrounds the body, and is not incarnate within it, as when you do so, by birthing into the realm.


Although my form is a bit more than 9 ½ feet tall, I am not grey, even though that is the label your society has given the form, being that it is the little greys that are essentially robots themselves using that. Grey is not the normal color. I am quite white, and my glow intense, which requires a suit over my form of some sort if I visit the planet in a personal manner.


I have met with many of your leaders on the planet in this form. I have been "captured" by some, who think they just captured an alien! Since this is a Casper the Friendly Ghost body, I am quickly out of that circumstance!!!!! I sometimes do carry some technology items on my body which provide interesting intelligence, and sometimes is left "in the closet" so to speak. All of my archangels working directly with earth at this time are using this body type.


There are rumors of aliens in your underground labs giving technology to the planet, and in some of those cases, such as with the Internet technology given, these are my wonderful friendly Descending Sons, in their Casper the Friendly Ghost forms giving of this. This body not only glows, but over the heart center area there is a glowing cross, which is visible, and if this is seen and not covered with a garment of some sort, you know you are seeing the real deal.


Those friendly "Corteum" folks spoken of in Wingmakers are my servants. The story of them coming from a polluted planet is merely a cover-up, to well, cover-up who is involved in this mission.


Those of you who will be attending some of the activities later during stasis will become acquainted with this form, which is one reason I mention this in this piece. We have some interesting plans to introduce the form to the planetary peoples. Angels can also sprout wings, which is the reason why you have this idea they have wings using "shape sifting".



Also, some of the more advanced beings that visit your planet have so much heart energy that it appears as wings. But for the most part, the angels if they need to use a visible body, use the Casper the Friendly Ghost form, in whatever color of ray they embody. So I leave you to ponder this tonight, and hope that you better understand a couple more issues about the nature of this planet. Namaste, your Friendly Creator Son, Aton/Christ Michael.


Candace: Given this information by Christ Michael, some of you might want to re read the introduction page to www.wingmakers.com http://www.wingmakers.com/fullintro.html The Animus include the little greys, but include more humanoid forms as well. I wasn't expecting him to go this particular direction tonight!


James has admitted in later material that the Animus are already here and have been. When I first read at Wingmakers myself sometime after I became public, I was pretty confused and now it makes more sense. I thought they used to have a picture of three Corteum together but I can't find that one, but there is another picture.http://www.wingmakers.com/corteumphoto.html You see the cross on the chest of this individual in the picture. If for some reason the link doesn't work, just click on Corteum in the full into page above, and it will produce the picture.


Regards Jupiter, it is now visible in the morning, below and to the left a bit, of Venus. I saw it the first time early last week about 6:10 in the morning. Until a local astronomer on TV explained it was back and where to look, I didn't know which direction to look, except east. It will move increasingly closer to Venus as the month moves on, and I assume move past Venus at some point. Venus is not as high in the sky as it was a few weeks ago, I don't think anyway. I used to come up sooner. I have tried twice to get up a bit earlier to check it out, but its' been cloudy. AT 6:10 the sun is already beginning to slightly lighten the horizon, and I could possibly determine its' brightness with my memory of when it was lost to sight in the western sky by the beginning of December. I thought it was pretty bright at 6:10, but the brightness fades pretty fast as the sun moves higher.

I didn't write or post much last week, I needed a little time off and spent time with family and friends. I did begin asking for a piece for all of you on Thursday or Friday. I did take this weekend to be with family because an nice situation came about to do so.

I just sort of paid attention to the "State of the Union" address, which hasn't been such for a long time. Usual stuff and more repeats by the artificial "person" at the head of CORP USA, missing out on his fair portion of "full inheritance."


Now, concerning the comment above on the "drias", these are two types of little cells that will assist you and can be cultured at home. They are not currently available, but were distributed at one time by Dharma of the Phoenix Journals. You can read more about them in Phoenix Journal #130, which has all sorts of interesting health information in it, and also how to use food grade hydrogen peroxide to assist in your health, for those that are interested in trying this.


The first "dria" is called Gaiandriana, which are little cellular critters that will restore your damaged DNA and keep it in good shape. They return your DNA to your original blueprint.


The second "dria" is called Aquagaia and consists of little mitochondria that will curse through your body and eat plague in your arteries and other things you wish you hadn't built up over the years.


Christ Michael will give me fresh cultures of these after stasis. The reason I have not already begun this, is that they will require daily care, and I have no one who can come in while I am gone to care for them. They are easily grown at home for your family and friends. They do require crystal jars or vases, not glass, and are nourished by Aloe Vera Gel and in the case of Aquagaia, some corn syrup is required. They also require real sunlight, so a sunny window is a necessity. Nothing fancy!


Now, regards the PUMA animal soul. First, I posted a piece some time ago by Ched, of www.lighttoparadise.com He wrote the piece in response to one of Matthew's pieces stating that all have had the opportunity to play both the good and bad guys. This is the link to the article. www.lighttoparadise.com  http://abundanthope.net/pages/article_448.shtml


The term PUMA means "Physical UltiMate Atom, and it is either male or female. Here is a little on it from Ched's site. Apparently it was named by the Theosophists, and other groups have called it the "ANU" and I don't know what that stands for, but you will see it alternatively in Ched's works. I advise visiting and reading through his site, and it's best to start with the first group of articles he calls "Papers." You will find some interesting resources through out his site, besides the Urantia Book.


I will include a couple examples from his articles here.



First Examplehttp://www.lighttoparadise.com/Paper%2060.htm


 The "body" of God's Universe Supreme is in it-Self a giant macro-holographic vortex of purposeful energy of unified intelligent Self stemming from the Paradise center. The Universe and all of its Creations and Evolutions of time and space are therefore of the Intelligent Design and so are you as the solar micro-holographic vortex of actualizing Supreme's time-space potentials. 


Each soul, within this Supreme's universal macro-holographic vortex of the universal Oneness of time and space, manifests it-self as the Male or Female PUMA micro-holographic wave-particle vortex evolving its-self mindfully and purposefully "up".


The solar minds of such wave-particles evolve initially through the processes of their physical interferences with the Nebadonia's local universe Adjutant Mind circuits of spirit anti-gravity from "above" and from the interferences with each other of the Physical UltiMate Atomic (PUMA) organic and inorganic matter gravity from "below".


Each physical soul has inherent Paradise energy drive to actualize its God given potentials while thriving to ascend with other energy dispensations of its evolutionary "class" from its physical mortal realm toward the realms of immortality returning back to its original Paradise source. (see also the  www.UrantiaBook.org


Second Example from: http://www.lighttoparadise.com/Paper%2051.htm




In the previous Papers on www.LighttoParadise.com it has been discussed that:


- The Paradise Absolute 1st Source and Center is the First Absolute Father Personality of the entire Universe. His Absolute Personality also represents the First Personality Source of the Absolute GOD (Good, Geometry Of Divine) of the ABSOLUTE DIVINE ESSENCE (Divine Oneness) outpouring through Him.


- There is the space potential actualization by the Paradise Absolute 1st S&C Father's Personality Spirit through the interconnectivity between the GOD's Paradise Absolute 1st Source and Center and the rest of the universe including the evolutionary physical worlds.

Therefore, there is the interconnectness of the universe mind, between the Universe Absolute 1st S&C and the rest of the created and evolutionary Universe manifesting the living and continuously evolving God's presence within His creation. 


- The CREATED dimensional realities, all the way down to morontia, are evolving in steady energy states, while the EVOLUTIONARY worlds of the nebular physical matter are evolving through the unstable physical energies until they reach the steady states of Life and Light era.


 - The Physical UltiMate Atoms (PUMAs) are the ultimate particles of the physical

 evolutionary worlds of time and space.


 - The existence of two mirror image (enantiomeric/enantiomorphic) PUMAs was observed by clairvoyant Theosophists and they named them the Male (CW/clockwise/ energy spin) and the Female (CCW/counterclockwise/ energy spin).



Picture 1. Male (Positive; Clockwise) and Female (Negative, Counter-clockwise) PUMAs


- The PUMAs are involved in the formation of the IN-ORGANIC physical elements through the interplay of five basic geometric energy forms ("Plato's Solids").


- The ORGANIC LIFE is established on planets through PUMAs after the geo-physical inorganic planetary evolution matures and is ready for the life implantation by Life Carriers.


- PUMAs are, therefore, the ultimate physical energy particles of both the in-organic and the organic evolutionary matter.


The Urantia Book is stating (1):"For the natural, physical development of life on any planet the geologic evolution has to take place first. Therefore, the initial planetary life processes can not unfold any faster than the initial geological physical metamorphoses of the planet will permit. When physical conditions on the planet are ripe than the Life Carrier assisted biological mental evolutions may take place; when biological mind status is propitious, sudden spiritual transformations may occur; when spiritual values receive proper recognition, then cosmic meanings become discernible, and increasingly the planetary personalities are released from the handicaps of time and delivered from the limitations of space."


- The Life Carriers are directly involved in the formulation, initiation and evolution (energy revolution) of the first electrochemical cells of LIFE through the planet formulated GERM PLASMA, while local universe Creative Daughter provides the initiation spark through the Life Carriers themselves,


- The planetary evolution progresses through the INVOLUTION  (Inward/Downward) and the EVOLUTION (Outward/Upward), i.e. from PUMA to pre-chemical elements, to chemical elements of inorganic nature, then the organic living nature through the Life Carriers assisted first primordial cells and then on to vegetables, animals, humans and superhuman planetary life.   


- MALE and FEMALE, the two SEX (Sacred Energy Exchange) species, have evolved from the two mirror image central (heart) based PUMAs, as the ancestors of all planetary evolutionary life.




Candace:  In reading some of Dolores Cannon's works, there are some souls, who under regressive hypnosis, can remember being "air", giving some credence to the above work. Now understand, that those of you incarnate as angels, the story may be somewhat different, but I note that also most angels are created in male-female pairs also. I think maybe I should have a chat with Christ Michael about the differences, regards soul structure of the Descending Sons, verses the Ascending Sons coming out of the evolutionary process on the evolutionary planets.


The morontia form, the form between physical body, and the spirit body, is also used by the angels, and Lucifer had a morontia form. So it is true, that man becomes like the angels, as taught in some religions. The morontia form is composed of electrons.


Interestingly, a comment for this piece, the body that Christ Michael uses where needed, the Casper the Friendly Ghost form, as he called it, is really a body that is between the physical, and morontial, and thus it's visibility at least to normal folks, as mentioned above. There is more to be taught around the concept yet of a body that is part physical and part morontial, and I suspect this is the type of body many of you will have once you merge your morontia form with your physical form. I have some knowledge on this, but need some more before writing on this topic.



I do not know if this will include those incarnate angels or not, because for many, it is the time to return to your realms. The comment refers to the Ascending Sons mostly, and those of you who are advanced and graduated from your universe of origin, have a monad instead of a morontia form, and you can "download" your monad to your physical body. I did this myself in May of 2002. 


 So many of you are or will merge whatever version of your higher self you have, with your physical form. Some of you angels from the Lucifer Rebellion have also chosen the Ascending Son career, rather than returning to your realms of origin.


If you wish, you can direct questions around this topic to me via the contact form, under "contact us". Then I could prepare a more suitable piece about the topic. This blending of the forms is related to ascension and I want to have as clear as possible information on the front site for future readers. So do send some questions, if you are lost in this subject! 


I am not in general comfortable with talking about the robotoids, because I know some, we all do, and this is not acceptable that they exist in this depleted condition. All deserve their full inheritance.  I do not like the idea whatsoever of robotic people, unless the robot is totally a computerized non-living being. That there are "people" that do not have their full inheritance is extremely saddening to me.


But I will not try to separate them out, because I believe in treating them all in totally humane ways, and I know that the one thing that will help them out, is to be accepting of them, and continue to encourage where it is accepted by each of them, growth of mind. Continue to demonstrate "full inheritance" for them to copy. Creating exceptional schooling on this planet, rather than schooling designed to produce robots would be most helpful. The dark side brings harm also to the souled being also by the current methods of schooling, that do not encourage independent and creative  thought.


Remember that all of you who had your soul origins on an evolutionary world, you have been the animals. Please remember and treat all animals with the respect and love they deserve, for you have been them, and they will become you. And in fact, your love of your personal pets and the process of making them family members challenges them to "move up" and desire the human journey. Please set a good example of what a human should be!


They might even obtain a Thought Adjuster; it is possible while still in non human form, but otherwise the angels who handle such maters move them up to experience in human form when the time is right. This is the nature of all the animal PUMA souls, angels move them forward, usually as whole group soul as necessary. These ones on moved into progressively more challenging "animal soul carrier forms" to increase their experience.  The purpose of all life, regardless of origin is to grow in knowledge. Remember that Christ Michael himself a Creator Son, is still and always will be, learning. And so does the Father, through his Sons. `


And remember to be a responsible person in your treatment of the planet and all its life forms, because again, you have also been the air, and the tulip. If you are a descending son, experiencing in a human body, or an advanced soul from another world, that body you use currently has been also the air and the tulip and carries the knowledge of the ascending journey on Planet Earth. It is a marvelous library.  Care for all that is of God.  And all is of God, even the robotoid, because he/she still carries the spirit of life, and how I do hope the plans taking form, will cause the condition of the "full inheritance" of the Father to manifest in these ones in due time.


Ok, I think I have now covered all I wished to in commentary. I had taken down my original piece earlier today, it was incomplete, and added additional commentary and fixed some typo's and changed the wording in a couple of places for greater clarity.  I hope this piece has been useful, and I am getting some positive comments on its original form. If many of you are feeling fatigued again, it is because the energy has increased again. Let your changing body rest as needed, get exercise, and eat properly, all the fresh and least contaminated food you can obtain. Take care, Candace



sábado, 19 de enero de 2008


Saludos distinguidos ciudadanos del planeta tierra, de ahora en adelante, les voy a guiar hacia la riqueza, la abundancia y la prosperidad, dejemos a un lado todo ese bagaje de si sucede el NESARA o que Júpiter se convierta en sol o que se yo extravagancia  nueva acontezca.

Pero primero:


Hagamos las paces con el dinero y veremos los milagros en nuestras vidas económicas y entenderemos que nunca debimos estar separados, ya que el dinero es una energía que representa la abundancia en este planeta y por tal razón, el dinero debe estar a nuestro lado, ya que nada nos falta.

Salgamos pues de todas las mentiras que nos han impuesto desde jóvenes, desde ahora en adelante nuestro bolsillo no tendrá fin con el dinero y cada vez que metamos nuestra mano en el, siempre lo encontraremos lleno cada día a través mas de nuestro constante y sabio esfuerzo.

Se aproximan grandes crisis económicas y debemos estar preparados.

El escenario está listo para que tengan lugar grandes crisis económicas. Dichas crisis siempre han señalado el final de una era antigua y el nacimiento de una nueva era. Al final de cada etapa existen personas que avanzan y otras que se aferran a las ideas del pasado. Temo que las personas que aún tienen la expectativa de que su seguridad financiera es responsabilidad de una gran compañía o de un gran gobierno y sus instituciones, quedaran desilusionadas en los próximos años. Esas son ideas de la era industrial, pero no de la era de la información.

Nadie tiene una bola de cristal. Yo estoy suscrito a muchos servicios noticiosos sobre inversión. Cada uno dice una cosa diferente. Algunos señalan que el futuro es brillante. Algunos dicen que es inminente una gran crisis en el mercado y una depresión importante. Para permanecer en la objetividad, yo escucho ambas partes, porque las dos tienen argumentos que vale la pena escuchar. El camino que tomo no consiste en tratar de adivinar el futuro, sino que trato de mantenerme educado en lo relacionado a como se da el flujo del dinero, y estar preparado para cualquier cosa que ocurra. Una persona que está preparada prosperara sin importar en que dirección marche la economía, ni cuando cambie.

Actualmente todos debemos estar preocupados por más cosas que la seguridad en el trabajo. Pienso que también debemos estar preocupados por nuestra propia seguridad financiera en el largo plazo... y no dejar esa responsabilidad a una compañía o al gobierno y sus instituciones. La época cambió oficialmente cuando las compañías afirmaron que ya no eran responsables por los años de retiro de sus empleados. Una vez que cambiaron al plan de retiro de Contribución Definida, el mensaje fue que usted era ahora el responsable de invertir en su propio futuro.

La diferencia entre los planes de pensión de la Era Industrial y los planes de pensión de la Era de la Información.

Conforme avanzamos donde los planes de pensión de Beneficios Definidos, o lo que yo llamo planes de retiro de la era industrial, hacia los planes de pensión de Contribución Definida, o planes de pensión de la era de la información, el resultado es que usted como individuo debe ser responsable de si mismo desde el punto de vista financiero. Pocas personas han notado el cambio.

El plan de pensión de la Era Industrial.

En la era industrial, un plan de pensión de Beneficios Definidos implicaba que la compañía le garantizaba a usted, el trabajador, una cantidad definida de dinero (generalmente pagadera cada mes) en tanto usted viviera. La gente se sentía segura porque esos planes aseguraban un ingreso estable.

El plan de pensión de la Era de la Información.

Alguien cambio el trato y repentinamente las compañías ya no garantizaron la seguridad financiera al final de la vida laboral de sus empleados. En vez de ello, las compañías comenzaron a ofrecer planes de retiro de Contribución Definida.

Contribución Definida significa que usted solo obtendrá la devolución de lo que usted y la compañía contribuyan mientras usted trabaje. En otras palabras, su pensión es definida únicamente por aquello con lo que usted contribuyó. Si usted y su compañía no depositan dinero, usted no recibirá dinero.

La buena noticia es que en la era de la información la esperanza de vida se elevará. La mala noticia es que usted podría vivir más tiempo que la duración de su pensión.

Si desea ser rico, tiene que cambiar sus reglas.

A menudo he citado: "Las reglas han cambiado." Cuando la gente escucha esas palabras, asienten y dicen: "Si, las reglas han cambiado. Nada es igual ahora." Pero a continuación se marchan y hacen lo mismo que hacían antes.

Los estados financieros de la Era Industrial.

Cuando doy clases sobre el tema "Poner en orden su vida financiera", comienzo con pedir a los estudiantes que llenen un estado financiero personal. A menudo se convierte en una experiencia que les cambia la vida. Los estados financieros son en gran medida como rayos equis. Tanto los estados financieros como los rayos equis le permiten ver cosas que no se advierten a simple vista. Después de que los asistentes a la clase han llenado sus estados financieros, es fácil ver quien tiene un "cáncer financiero" y quien es sano desde el punto de vista financiero. Generalmente aquellos con cáncer financiero son los que tienen ideas de la ERA INDUSTRIAL.

¿Por qué digo eso? Porque en la era industrial la gente no tenía que "pensar sobre el mañana".

Las reglas eran: "Trabaja duro y tu empleador o el gobierno y sus instituciones se encargará de ti en el mañana." Lo cual es la razón por la que muchos de mis amigos y familiares decían a menudo: "Consigue un trabajo con el gobierno o en una buena empresa. Tiene grandes beneficios."

"Asegúrate que la compañía para la que trabajes tenga un excelente plan de retiro."

"Asegúrate que la compañía para la que trabajes tenga un sindicato fuerte." Esas eran palabras de consejo basadas en las reglas de la era industrial, a las que me refiero como la mentalidad del "merecimiento". Aunque las reglas han cambiado, mucha gente no ha cambiado sus reglas personales... especialmente sus reglas financieras.

Aún continúan gastando como si no hubiera necesidad de planificar para el mañana.

Eso es lo que busco cuando leo los estados financieros de una persona; si tienen o no un mañana.

¿Tiene usted un mañana?

Mantener las cosas sencillas; eso es lo que yo busco en el estado financiero personal.

La gente que no tiene activos(activo: es todo aquello que te hace ingresar dinero a tu bolsillo), que derrocha su flujo de efectivo, no tiene futuro, cuando descubro personas que no tienen activos, generalmente están trabajando por un sueldo para pagar sus cuentas. Si usted mira la columna de gastos de la mayoría de la gente, los dos gastos mensuales más grandes son los impuestos y los intereses por pasivos(pasivo: es todo aquello que te retira dinero de tu bolsillo) de largo plazo.

Impuestos (aproximadamente 50%)

Deuda(aproximadamente 35%)

Gastos para vivir

Hoja de Balance:

Activos: Es todo aquello que te hace ingresar dinero a tu bolsillo.

Pasivos: Es todo aquello que te retira dinero de tu bolsillo.

En otras palabras, el gobierno y el banco reciben su pago antes que ellos. La gente que no puede controlar su flujo de efectivo generalmente no tiene futuro financiero y se encontrarán en serios problemas en los próximos años.

¿Por qué? Una persona que solo se encuentra como empleado tiene poca protección contra los impuestos(porque los paga en cada compra) y la deuda. Incluso una persona que tiene su propio negocio puede hacer algo acerca de esos dos cánceres financieros.

Si esto no tiene sentido para usted, le sugiero que lea este link

Para tener éxito en su libertad financiera se requiere ver 5% con sus ojos y 95% con su mente. Comprender, entender, conocer las leyes y las fuerzas del mercado es vital para tener éxito financiero. Las grandes transferencias de riqueza ocurren cuando las leyes y los mercados cambian. Así que es importante prestar atención si usted desea hacer que esos cambios trabajen en su favor y no en su contra.

El gobierno necesita su dinero.

Yo creo en pagar impuestos. Yo se que el gobierno proporciona muchos servicios vitales, que son esenciales para la buena marcha de la civilización.

Desafortunadamente, en mi opinión, todos los gobiernos están mal manejados, son demasiado grandes y hacen demasiadas promesas que no pueden cumplir. Pero eso no es culpa de los políticos y legisladores transitorios de siempre, porque muchos de los problemas financieros que encaramos actualmente fueron creados hace más de 60 años por sus predecesores. Los legisladores actuales están tratando de manejar los problemas y de encontrar soluciones. Desafortunadamente, si los legisladores desean mantenerse en sus cargos, no pueden decir la verdad a las masas. Si lo hicieran, serian despedidos de sus puestos y en lugar de eso le cogieron gusto y ayudan corruptamente a llevarse lo que puedan.......y aún así las masas todavía confían en el gobierno para resolver sus problemas financieros y médicos. El gobierno no puede hacerlo. Los gobiernos que se hicieron grandes ahora buscan hacerse más pequeños y los problemas se están haciendo más grandes.

Entre tanto, el gobierno tendrá que continuar cobrando más impuestos... incluso si los políticos prometen que no.

¿Se trata de una conspiración?

A menudo escucho a la gente, especialmente de los empleados y autoempleados, que afirma que existe algo parecido a una conspiración global, que se mantiene unida por unas cuantas familias ultra ricas que controlan los bancos. Esas teorías de la conspiración bancaria han existido desde hace muchos años.

¿Existe una conspiración? No lo se. ¿Podría ser una conspiración? Todo es posible.

Yo se que existen familias poderosas que controlan enormes cantidades de dinero.

¿Pero existe un grupo que controla el mundo? será o no será, pero quien sabe.

Yo veo las cosas de manera diferente. Veo más o menos a dos grupos, uno de personas (empleadas y autoempleadas) que tienen una mentalidad y otro grupo de personas (que tienen sus empresas y sus inversiones en otro lado) que tienen una mentalidad diferente. Todos ellos están jugando este gran juego del dinero, pero cada grupo se juega desde un punto de vista diferente, con un conjunto de reglas distinto.

Para fines de entender pongamos a esos dos grupos en dos cuadrantes, uno del lado izquierdo(empleados y autoempleados) y el otro del lado derecho(dueños de empresas e inversionistas): El gran problema es que las personas en el lado izquierdo no son capaces de ver lo que las personas en el lado derecho están haciendo, pero las personas en el lado derecho saben lo que la gente del lado izquierdo está haciendo y ahí radica la gran diferencia.

Cacería de brujas.

Muchas personas del lado izquierdo del Cuadrante, en vez de averiguar lo que las personas del lado derecho saben y que ellos ignoran, van a "cazarbrujas". Tan solo hace unos cuantos siglos, cuando había una plaga, o algo malo le ocurría a la comunidad, la gente del pueblo iniciaba una "cacería de brujas". Necesitaban a alguien a quien culpar por la plaga. Hasta que la ciencia invento el microscopio y la gente pudo ver lo que no puede verse a simple vista, que son los gérmenes, la gente culpó a otras personas por sus enfermedades. Quemaban a las brujas en la hoguera para resolver sus problemas. No sabían que la mayoría de las enfermedades son causadas porque la gente vivía en las ciudades con malos servicios de recolección de basura y drenaje. La gente había causado sus propios problemas al utilizar condiciones insalubres... no las "brujas".

Bien, la cacería de brujas sigue practicándose hoy en día. Muchas personas buscan a alguien más a quien culpar de sus plagas financieras. Esas personas a menudo quieren culpar a los ricos por sus problemas financieros personales, en vez de darse cuenta de que frecuentemente es su propia falta de información sobre el dinero lo que constituye la razón fundamental de sus problemas y muy a menudo es usado por los políticos dependiendo la ocasión para desviar a los pueblos del verdadero problema de origen y así se cumple "divide y vencerás", porque se los mantiene enfocados en otro asunto y no se dan cuenta de lo que verdaderamente están haciendo los gobiernos.

"Los gigantes a menudo se tropiezan y caen pero los gusanos no, porque todo lo que hacen es cavar y arrastrarse."

La principal razón por la que muchas personas tienen dificultades financieras no es porque carezcan de una buena educación o porque no trabajen duro. Es porque tienen miedo de perder. Si el miedo a perder los detiene, entonces ya han perdido de antemano.

Los perdedores se deshacen de sus ganancias y conservan sus pérdidas.

El miedo a "ser" un perdedor afecta lo que la gente "hace" en formas extrañas. He visto a personas que compran acciones a 20 dólares y las venden cuando han llegado a 30 porque tienen miedo de perder lo que han ganado, tan sólo para ver que las acciones llegan a cien, se duplican y suben a cien dólares nuevamente.

Esa misma persona, habiendo comprado las acciones a 20 dólares, las mirará bajar a, digamos, tres dólares y las conservará, con la esperanza de que el precio volverá a subir... y pueden aferrarse a esas acciones de tres dólares por 20 años. Ese es un ejemplo de una persona que "está" tan temerosa de perder, o de admitir que ha perdido, que sigue perdiendo.

Los ganadores se deshacen de sus pérdidas y conservan sus ganancias.

Los ganadores "hacen" casi exactamente lo opuesto. A menudo en el momento en que saben que adoptaron una posición perdedora, por ejemplo, si el precio de sus acciones comienza a bajar en vez de subir, las venden inmediatamente y asumen sus pérdidas. La mayoría no está avergonzada de decir que asumieron una perdida, porque el ganador sabe que perder es parte del proceso de ganar.

Cuando encuentran acciones ganadoras, las conservan durante el período de incremento de precio, tan lejos como vayan. En el momento en que saben que el incremento ha terminado y que el precio ha alcanzado su nivel más alto, venden sus acciones.

La clave para ser un gran inversionista consiste en ser neutral a las ganancias o las pérdidas. Entonces usted no tiene pensamientos dominados por sus emociones, como el miedo y la codicia, que piensen por usted.

Los perdedores hacen las mismas cosas en la vida.

La gente que tiene miedo a perder hace las mismas cosas en la vida real. Todos conocemos a:

1. Gente que permaneció unida en matrimonio cuando ya no había amor.

2. Gente que se quedó en trabajos sin posibilidades de ascenso.

3. Gente que se aferra a sus ropas viejas y a "cosas" que nunca usará.

4. Gente que permanece en pueblos en los que no hay futuro.

5. Gente que mantiene amistad con personas que les impiden avanzar.

La inteligencia emocional puede ser controlada.

La inteligencia financiera está vinculada estrechamente con la inteligencia emocional.

En mi opinión la mayoría de la gente sufre financieramente porque sus emociones están controlando sus pensamientos. En nuestro carácter de SER-es humanos, todos tenemos las mismas emociones. Lo que determina la diferencia entre lo que nosotros "HACEMOS" y lo que "TENEMOS" en la vida es primordialmente la manera en que manejamos esas emociones.

Por ejemplo, la emoción del miedo puede causar que algunos de nosotros seamos cobardes. La misma emoción del miedo puede ocasionar que otros se vuelvan valerosos. Desafortunadamente, en lo que se refiere al tema del dinero, la mayoría de las personas en nuestra sociedad esta condicionada a ser cobardes financieros.

Cuando surge el miedo a perder dinero, la mente de la mayoría de la gente automáticamente comienza a recitar estas palabras:

"Seguridad", en vez de "libertad".

"Evita el riesgo", en vez de "aprende a manejar el riesgo".

"Juega a lo seguro", en vez de ''juega de manera inteligente".

"No puedo comprarlo", en vez de "¿cómo puedo comprarlo?".

"Es demasiado caro", en vez de "¿vale la pena a largo plazo?"

"Diversifica" en vez de "enfoca".

"¿Qué pensarán mis amigos?" en vez de "¿qué pienso?"

El miedo a perder dinero

En mi opinión, la causa más importante de las dificultades financieras humanas es el miedo a perder dinero. Y debido a ese miedo, la gente a menudo opera demasiado a lo seguro, o con demasiado control personal, o simplemente le dan su dinero a alguien más que consideran un experto y esperan y rezan porque ese dinero estará disponible cuando lo necesiten.

El dinero es una droga

"Si te vuelves adicto al dinero", entonces, "es difícil romper esa adicción".

En vez de ello mantener la disciplina de la humildad y ser duros para alejarse de la adicción de trabajar por dinero.

El dinero es una droga porque he observado a gente que estaba contenta cuando tenía dinero y molesta o enfadada cuando no lo tenía. Al igual que los adictos a la heroína alucinan cuando se inyectan la droga, también se enfadan y se vuelven violentos cuando no la tienen.

"Se cuidadoso con el poder adictivo del dinero", caso contrario. "Una vez que te acostumbras a recibirlo, la adicción te mantiene vinculado a la manera en que lo conseguiste."

El dinero es deuda

Ahora que estamos con una moneda extranjera llamada dólar, es necesario saber que no es un instrumento de la riqueza, sino un instrumento de la deuda. Cada billete de dólar solía estar respaldado por oro o plata, pero actualmente es una promesa de pago con la garantía de que será pagada por los contribuyentes del país que lo emite. En tanto el resto del mundo tenga confianza en que el contribuyente estadounidense trabajará y pagara por esa promesa de pago llamada dinero, el mundo tendrá confianza en el dólar de los estadounidenses. Si ese elemento clave del dinero, que es la confianza, desapareciera repentinamente, la economía se desplomaría como un castillo de naipes... y el castillo de naipes se ha desplomado muchas veces a lo largo de la historia.

Bienvenido al juego: En la medida en que usted le deba a más personas, más pobre será.

"En la medida en que le debas a más personas, más pobre serás", es lo que está sucediendo. "Y en la medida en que más personas te deban, más rico serás. En eso consiste el juego."

Hay que mantener la mente abierta, este es el juego de la manera en que está sucediendo actualmente.

"Todos le debemos algo a alguien. Los problemas tienen lugar cuando la deuda se sale de equilibrio. Desafortunadamente, la gente pobre de este mundo ha sido atropellada tan duramente por el juego, que a menudo no pueden hundirse más profundamente en la deuda. Lo mismo ocurre en el caso de los países pobres. El mundo simplemente toma de los pobres, de los débiles, de los que carecen de información financiera. Si estas muy endeudado, el mundo se apodera de todo lo que tienes... tu tiempo, tu trabajo, tu casa, tu vida, tu confianza y luego toman tu dignidad si los dejas. Yo no elaboré este juego, yo no hago las reglas, pero conozco el juego... y hay que practicar bien el juego. Luego, una vez que hayas dominado el juego, puedes decidir qué hacer con lo que sabes."

"El nombre del juego del capitalismo es "¿Quien le debe a quien?" Como ves aquí se cumple lo que dice la gente común y corriente " si no trabajo no como, yo vivo de mi trabajo, nadie me va a dar nada" Así están las cosas, entonces como crees que los gobiernos te van a ayudar, habrá que salir de ese mito mental en el que estamos enclaustrados, esta es la razón de esta alocución, en espera de que te sirva como un inicio para despertar hacia la tan preciada libertad económica y todas las otras tan preciadas, que buscamos y que se halla en nosotros mismos. En espera de que el ciudadano del mundo se dé cuenta de que lo que tanto desea, no está en las manos de nuestros líderes que nos gobiernan, ellos hacen lo que pueden en base a su entusiasmo, educación y capacidades, pero como sabemos una sola golondrina no hace la primavera, debemos también educarnos y prepararnos para ese nuevo cambio que deseamos, nosotros hacemos la diferencia en este mundo para que funcione un nuevo sistema o modelo que decidan emplear, espero me entiendan, sin caer en ningún pesimismo, ni nada que se le parezca, porque soy el primero en anhelar que todo lo que se haga en sus países funcione.




Dr. Clever Sánchez