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09th September 2007 - 9-9-9 activation -
Torben Munk Nielsen

This is a completion of the incredible 13 month period of the last year which began in August 8th 2006, which you activated with the frequencies of 8-8-8. The year that brought remarkable shifts and saw the Breakthrough of Higher Light, has been indeed exciting and adventurous. Much time was spent in balancing the most powerful divine energies which were downloaded with the very strong physical energies which surfaced to be dissolved into the Higher Light.

As the Gaiadon Hearts, you have created the Vortex of Higher Light within Gaia and within your innermost heart spaces.
In ushering in the New Wave of Higher Light, you have maintained the balance and transmuted all released energies by focused commitment to hold the Higher Light of the Celestial Grids within your heart core and also, received and maintained the Gaiadon Love Constant in your heart core, which meant that you never allowed your Love Quotient to lower in its frequency even in the face of great earth dimension challenges.
You have passed the initiations, dear ones, you are ready.

Now your task is to activate the 9-9-9 portal and to become the Guardians of this amazing portal that is an open-ended pathway to new beginnings.
This portal has three super-consciousness frequencies to it, and it almost seems like there are three portals, but they are three subtle, subtler and subtlest aspects of the same sacred portal.
And so let us begin. 

  • Please relax and take a few deep breaths and allowing your breath to slow down, gently taking you into the inner spaces within your heart where you access the sanctuary of stillness and peace and love. Allow your senses to merge with that silent state, and become that silence.
  • I would like you to now focus on your light body and begin by first activating it with the unity breath.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon Light Body Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate at Unconditional Love and Light Frequency (Exhale)

  • You receive an amazing triple triad, repeated, thrice, which downloads the frequency of 9-9-9 into your consciousness. This is a very powerful nonagon with the triple triad repeated thrice and receiving this symbol into your light body, completes all unresolved cycles and opens up new pathways of ascension. It is a symbolic representation of the 9-9-9, the basic building block being the triad or the simple triangle, representing trinity. As a triad is repeated thrice, and this pattern is repeated thrice, this amazing pattern emerges as the sacred geometry of 9-9-9.

  • Now you introduce the Golden Mean Spiral pathway which holds the non-linear 9-9-9 spiral frequencies. This opens up the 9-9-9 ascension portal that will continue to expand through your heart. The Portal that you activate shall open up an open-ended pathway that shall span through multi-dimensions and allow you to transverse the realms of light, and also become a Divine Gateway through which Higher Light shall pour through to manifest the New Paradigm of Love upon the Planet.
  • You begin by activating the 9-9-9 Light Ascension Portal that will continue to expand through your heart.
  • You receive a vibrant new frequency which holds the multi-coloured spectrum, a band of 144 colours that takes you from the 9th through the 12th dimensions.
  • It is this subtle frequency which shall activate the 9-9-9 Gateway. Automatically you become the Guardians of the Gateway.

  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate 9-9-9 Multi-versal Portal/Pathway of Ascension (Inhale)
    Activate with 144 Multi-Colour Spectrum Frequency (Exhale)

  • Now you are as Ascending Masters guided to move through the Realms of Light. You receive a triple triad sacred symbol which acts as a recorder crystal, and as you move through star-fields and ultra-dimensional spaces, you enter a great cavern of light. You enter the Temple of Time and receive the initiations of completion and new beginnings. This Time Temple works with others in a very large grid structure. It is energetically manifested in its physical aspect as the Rosslyn Time Temple, and is connected through the Earth meridians to the Original Temple of Solomon, through the grid lines. They in turn are connected to many Time Temples that form part of the Time Grid of the Multi-verses.

  • In the inner chambers of the Central core of the Time Temple of the Source, there exists a Super Computer. This Super-Computer has, the ability to control the ebb and flow of a Universal Energy we know by many names, i.e., chi, kundalini, serpent power, telluric energy, orgone energy, etc.
  • This Super-Computer was used by the ancients to travel through time, to "fold space," using devices called "Stargates." With these devices, one can transcend the distances between time and space instantly, opening up communication with a number of different intelligent species in this section of our galaxy.
  • You silently receive the encodements that enable you to learn the functions of this Super-Computer and you are given the keys to activate many Stargates. These Stargates appear before you and reveal their purpose to you.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Temple of Time within the Source (Inhale)
    Activate Time Stargates (Exhale)
  • Through these super-stellar programs of higher intelligences, you are elevated to the status of becoming the Guardians of the Stargates.
  • A most amazing sacred geometric symbol is rotating before your eyes, suspended above the sacred altar.
  • The Gaiadon 9-9-9 matrix awakens a conscious experience of the life cycles of higher dimensional experience to begin even as you are completing the human cycles.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon 9-9-9 Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate Higher Dimensional Life Cycles (Exhale)
  • You now receive a non-linear sacred geometrical pattern that dissolves all the human life cycle experiences into the Higher Light Learning and integration.

  • Now you are given the Sacred Unity Key to the Sacred Wisdom Chambers.
  • This is the Key that opens the portal to Heaven and Earth. The Key is only activated by the synergy of several aspects of your divinity.
  • The merging of your Christ Self with Magdalenah creating the Christalenah.
  • Gaia and Adonai uniting to create the Gaiadon Crystal Heart.
  • Your Divine Feminine-Essence merging with the Divine Masculine-Essence creating the Divine-Essence.
  • The Sacred Lotus of Enlightenment shines in your heart.

  • Hold the Divine-Essence in its purest state, resultng in the liquefaction of physical matter in your cells, filling up the cosmic space between and within the cells and flowing in wave patterns from within to all of creation.
  • Shekinah stirs within your consciousness and a deep pulsing energy emerges from the core of your cells.
  • Your cells begin to hum a primal song of ancient knowing.
  • Your heart vibrates with the love of Creation as you have successfully ended the reality of endings and created new multi-versal pathways.
  • Your heart lights up the endless and luminous soul journeys that you are ready for.
  • You have fulfilled the task of changing the end of this grand cycle and as you embrace limitlessness, you flow into the Next Dimension of Love, which is the Now

  • Becoming… the Present.
  • A new mode of initiation has already begun.

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