miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

Hillary Clinton Versus Donald Trump, Nuclear Holocaust versus Peace ... !!!

It seems incredible, see the point that you have come, they use the same techniques to discredit and destroy the opponent, just as they do those who hold power against those who do not enter into their plans.

In my opinion, you the people of the United States, are totally confused by the hidden agenda that are deployed, those who they govern.

By simple common sense, we have a saying "a dead dog nobody kicks" or "a tree without fruit no one throws stones" that is the millionaire Donald Trump, if it were anything, no one would care nothing would do, even taking it into account, was like many, an excluded, but we see that if they are affecting, if you fear, why attack him with that technique, sexual assault and all disrepute, and is not indeed, the important thing is to attack first and ask questions later. As elections, anything goes, although the two cousins, both the Clinton and Trump.

Now regardless of who wins, the only ones affected are yourselves, have nowhere to run, because who should choose is someone humble village, but that is impossible because they would never be in lists, worst of candidates, those are excluded, worse in countries like yours.
See the millionaire, if you say, that a rich never enter the kingdom of heaven, you will do something for you, and they only care about their class and hierarchy and you are only the people believe, those whom only the crumbs, if any, will reach them.

The rich only interested in power, for the sake of having it, as he felt it through money now want another experience, through those emotions, which are better than any drug, have power over everyone else.

Let us now to Hillary, she has already been working behind the presidents, hidden behind racks, it knows it complete, she has been the activist channeler of the hidden agenda who are serving behind the puppet presidents who have not given that they are behind everything they are doing to the world, and gave them a black president, now want to impose the first woman president and that neither repent, to be yourselves who choose it, concealed cynicism size.

So I say to you, that you they're going to go very wrong, do not have to choose, are facing a bad double alternative, you the American people are the ones who should be in power, recreating a new system of government, something different, that works for the majority, for all of you and I not only kidnapped all covert agendas of those who are behind their puppet government doing what pleases them and deceiving you all.

The first rule is followed in each country and each planet is getting all the resources for the use of everyone in a common good, but those who badly want to become powerful, they want to do, it is abusively or stratagems taking resources others for personal gain. And that is paid because it is paid by transgressing the law.


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