domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not....!!!

Greetings my beloved friends, brothers, disciples, followers and citizens of our beautiful planet Earth.


I speak after 10 years of struggle great, both internal and external, in all aspects.


Enough it has come, in all this time, since I started the message " CHRIST THE WORLD IS NOW " .


A new phase has already begun, from the New Millennium and now more than ever we open opportunities to take them.


They are very welcome to the good news Millennium Aquarium and all that that implies.


Coming rolls seals will be opened and the new review cycle of their lives begin.


A big hug and Maranâthâ....!!!!!


י ה ש ו ה


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