miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016

The fall of the Beast, the fall of the materialistic world…!!!

Born a new world; new philosophy; new universal government; new and unique flag; new destination; new meat;

Every kingdom has its time of glory; and fall time; you and you passed your glory; now confront your fall; every kingdom divided as yours, falls over time; all philosophy that divided other, there is in this world;

Restore things on my Firstborn Son, it is to crush those who crushed others; because the hierarchy is imposed on the worlds; the powers of the spirit, defeat the darkness, sunrises spirit;

This is what will happen to you demons of gold; land and seas, will open when you send my son Firstborn; The world will be left aghast executioners; nothing you can; power corrupted your gold, no longer tempt the world; you can no longer afford buying weak consciences; you no longer falsely the world;

Because new customs born in the world; truly I tell you, curse one having known gold; as curses the devil; your world who have kept by force, will fall; truly I tell you, will be regarded with infinite pity; because you are the damned of the world; the world will flee from you, as fleeing from the plague;

Truly I tell you, just find honey, where you call animals; behold, what will be your fruit; here's what you fought; here is your own division and disbanding of your reign; behold the serpent crushed; behold the Satan of your world; behold, your mourn and gnashing of teeth; behold what comes to those who believe be sent alone; here's the situation for those who despised the Scriptures of the Father; here again, the snake of earthly paradise; behold evil that subjugated the world in the centuries of trial; behold the fall of the beast; behold the fall of the reign of Satan; behold the fall of the tree that planted the Father in His divine teachings; behold, the world began Omega, and the fall of world Alpha; Alfa principle is the materialistic world; (Rev. 1: 8.) A world and customs that is forgotten;

Born a new world; new philosophy; new universal government; new and unique flag; new destination; new flesh; kid's World; ¡¡¡Innocence triumphs !!! truly I tell you, that no philosophy Adult exit any, will be in this world; and it is easier to enter the Kingdom, a child called adult; the first is innocent; the second lived a life system that deludes and divided; and all divided spirit, does not enter the Kingdom of Heaven;

to the Kingdom, as he went; with innocence and serving only the Father; in the Kingdom of Heaven, philosophies that divide others are not known; because no one with such ideas come distant worlds, he has entered the Kingdom of Heaven;


י ה ש ו ה



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