miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016


The spirits of North America that called for proof of life to God, asked to be judged by elements within the same laws of life; because they did not know what was the feeling of being judged by the elements of a planet of evidence, they did not know;


Because when you ask God, life forms that are not known, such a request is made, starting from the largest innocence, that the mind can imagine; so that all the feelings that everyone has within its individuality, the spirit did not know them;


That is why the divine Gospel of God says: Every spirit is tested on their own feelings, my God; and also mentioned: Proof of life.-


Spirits of North America, did not suffer major damage in World War II, by men, because the damage left men had not asked God; they asked the damage from the elements, if they, arrived to violate the divine law of God; and they raped; because they to improve, they did based on unequal laws; the unequal not pleasing to God; because it never reaches unequal to true happiness; the unequal perpetuates injustice and unhappiness; the unequal produces a strange fleeting happiness, and rests on the injustice suffered by millions of people; try to conquer happiness for all, without giving up the unequal, it is simply a pipe dream; evidenced by the irrefutable fact hundreds of centuries consumed in unequal laws;


The creators of happiness based on unequal laws, could have millions of years ahead, and never would never achieve perfect happiness for all; creators of a strange system of life based on the unequal, horrible moments await you; because it will be fulfilled in them, the divine judgment of the elements; first will be cold, then water and finally fire; in the judgment of water, the oceans will overflow; inundating three quarters of North America; the fire of the sun will burn their land and not be traces of water to drink; because everything will evaporate; the items destroyed in a few minutes, which took years and centuries of work;


The economic power of North America, will be reduced by 70%; It is for this, is that it was written in the divine Gospel of God Seventy thousand times; God's divine parable meant a strange being, made in numerical imbalance; because 7 does not have its average equal; halves 7 are not equal; one has more and the other less;


1000 represented the advent of a just Doctrine; because it is the number of power; new power born of the strange psychology of inequality; and it means that all nations who were forced to live in the unequal, wake up and form a single nation; these nations manage to get rid of it unbalanced and create the balanced; It becomes independent of the old system of unequal laws;


When the spirits of North America, asked God, they are judged by the elements, made a crazy own request; because the elements are infinite and have no limits; instead the punishment of men against men, is limited; the damage caused a war between men, soon repaired; it is within human limits; the experience left by the Second World War demonstrated;


The fall of North America as a world power, it is by poverty; and will be so immense this poverty, its people go begging to the food; and it is fulfilled in them, which in the divine Gospel of God, was written: By their works and deeds you will be judged, the North American work, it left a toll of millions of poor, of all categories; some of which were forced to be;


Because the North American beast, the strange debauchery of using force to impose its laws, and life test consisted in not tempted in the use of force was taken; for being God all love, all without exception, they had asked laws of love;


As the divine Judgment, order for humanity to God, included everything imaginable, it is that those who are tempted to use force during the test of life, fall by force, the force of the elements , destroys them; if they had sown love, they receive love.-

Rev. 1: 8


י ה ש ו ה



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